Saturday, 12 January 2013

Two bad policemen

Policeman 1 lives in London and is a brother of my colleague from work which is how I heard about him. Policeman 1 often raids people's homes in search for illegal drugs and by doing so, he regularly violates the non-aggression principle. According to his brother, what Policeman 1 really likes about the job is seeing the scared faces of the drug dealers when their homes are being invaded. He interprets their emotional expressions as guilt and gets his satisfaction from watching it.

Policeman 2 lives in Wroclaw, Poland and is an acquaintance of my sister who related me a story he told her. Policeman 2 believes that one needs to be tough with the punks. One night he was walking home without the uniform and as five young men were passing him on a sidewalk he purposefully rubbed shoulders with one of them thereby actively engaging in a monkey dance. It took them some time to decide that they were offended and once they turned around to chase him, he did not run away, as he should have done. He did not apologise. He also did not tell them he was from the police, which would definitely end the confrontation. No, instead Policeman 2 chose to fight and because he was a trained martial artist he beat up one guy and the rest of them run away.

I am sure that there are good policemen out there who are emotionally mature and see their role as protecting people from violence as opposed to creating violence. Sadly that's not the case with the two stories I have recently heard.

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