Friday, 1 February 2013

Spooky amusement parks in people's heads

Discussing politics with a group statists is like walking through a radioactive jungle growing on top of a spooky amusement park. You can expect any half-baboon-half-diggerswing-half-zombie to jump at you from the depth of someones subconsciousness at any moment. Any crippled idea, any incorrect fact or non-fact, any logical fallacy and any creepy reaction are to be expected at any moment.

Here are some zombie-thoughts which flew in a discussion I had last night with my fellow students.

1. There is no such thing as the European Common Agricultural Policy.
2. Governments have no power over people (because it is really all about money).
3. But it was not the case 20 years ago. Back then governments and money had their proper role.
4. The more totalitarian a country the nicer its government employees (becuse they need to make up for their lack of legitimacy).
5. Chimp herds with a dominant alpha male are less violent and therefore we need a state.
6. All parasites benefit their hosts in some way (otherwise they would die out).
7. All people deserve to have equal access to wealth.8. North Korea is safer to live in than Switzerland.
8. Rape in a government prisons is not as bad as rape on the street and does not count as "danger".
9. Slavery in America in 1700s is very similar to poor working conditions in London today.
10. Chimp herds with a dominant alpha male are less violent and therefore we need a state.
11. People are evil by nature which is why they need to form governments.

I am not sure what I leaned from this, but here are some ideas:
- I do not enjoy it.
- If I really want to engage, it is better to drastically lower my expectations.
- These discussions need strong, active facilitation: focus, clear terminology, loop breaking, monitoring progress to make any sense.
- If I really want to to engage, next time I can try the Socratic method on one person instead of presenting my own ideas.
- If I really want to to engage, I should focus on the least crazy opinion.

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