Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A silicone factory in Shenzhen, China

My wife and I are working on a new gadget. We ordered the artistic 3D design and we found a factory in Shenzhen, China to make the physical thing out of it.

After investing two months of work and $2,000, we have found out today that the factory is not able to do what they said they would. Here is the post-mortem of the situation. 

1.    We correctly selected a factory which seemed the most capable. We gave them good, detailed artistic design and precise functional specification.

2.    Because the gadget consists of two components: an electronic core and a silicone stand, someone had to do a technical design so the two fit together. We wanted the factory in Shenzhen to be this someone. This was because we are not competent in such stuff and we thought that a factory would be. This seems to have been a reasonable decision.
3.    At some point the sales rep from Shenzhen said that they are not very comfortable doing the technical design.

4.    We ignored this signal of discontent and we told them to do it anyway. This is where the NAP violation alarm failed to ring.
5.    Two month later they completed a prototype and the two bloody components do not fit.

Here you are: NAP in action. You cannot force a Chinese factory to do something they do not want to do...

Obviously they breached the NAP in a more serious way by giving us incorrect information about the quality of the product, but this is different story.

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