Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Final word on emotional self-defence

Peter Gerlach's explanation of emotional self-defence has gotta be the final word on enforcing the verbal Non-Aggression Principle. There is nothing else to add as far as I am concerned. The end. Finito. Koniec.

He explains how to defend against boundary violations by confronting violators using respectful assertion. He claims this prevents future violations.

I love how Peter's strategy intelligently recognises the psychological development of the target of your confrontation. He says that if the target is an unaware "grown wounded child" (which most people are), they will not hear your confrontation as it was voiced. They will instead counter-attack, change the subject, cry etc.

You then need to empathetically recognise their points and repeat your respectful assertive confrontation until you are heard.

I strongly believe that emotional self-defence is necessary for voluntaryists to master if they want to influence the social fabric. As always, only engage if you cannot avoid or escape!

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