Thursday, 9 May 2013

What I want from the movement

People join communities because they expect to benefit from it. So to attract people to the voluntaryist movement we need to offer stuff.

Here are some things I would like the voluntaryist movement to do for me. Maybe others would be attracted to this too. This is not going to happen by itself but I do not give a shit, I still want it.

1. I want to experience efficacy in making the world freer. I want to meet people who make freedom for themselves and I want to learn from them. I want to see non-coercive approaches to relationships, parenting, education and career management implemented in people's lives.

2. I want more opportunities for friendship. Shared interests and no desire to pull guns at each other are great starters. I need more varied opportunities for friendly socialising - parties, concerts, camping trips, kayaking escapades, barbeques, anything.

3. In particular, I want more friendships with women in the voluntaryist movement. We need to cherish the females we do have. Contrary to most views I heard, the reason for the shortage of females in the voluntaryist ranks is that male libertarians suck at pick up. Simple as that. Improve your pick up. It is not a shallow pursuit, it goes deep into who you are and how you relate to the world. Then start bringing your GFs along for god's sake. Look up pick up artists on for starters.

4. I want a balanced magazine with relevant quality coverage and commentary of world events using voluntaryist insight into social structures. I am bored with The Economist but I also do not want to hear how the dollar is about to collapse at any moment. I want voluntaryist entertainment which is free from statist sympathies and from state hatred also.

5. I want an opportunity for rational but limited political action (bribing, lobbying, maybe even voting etc.).

6. I want an option to join a voluntaryist housing co-op where I can can live relaxed amongst peaceful and rational people. And I do not want this co-op to be on the surface of an ocean, at the bottom of an ocean or in any other place inside the ocean.

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