Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My own Bill of Rights

A whole bunch of Bills of Rights were introduced all over the planet to limit crazy governments. Most of them did not quite work as intended.

In the face of these epic failures, I decided to make my own Bill of Rights. (OK, I borrowed the idea from Peter Gerlach. Thanks Peter!)

Here it comes. Bestowed upon blah-blah-blah. I claim the right to:

1. Actions
1.1 Do things just to see if I like them.
1.2 Enjoy a process without an aim in mind.
1.3 Make mistakes.
1.4 Need more resources such as information, time, help to succeed in any tasks.

2. Feelings
2.1 Love every part of myself unconditionally.
2.2 Feel any feelings and to describe them to others.
2.3 Have unjustified preferences.

3. Thoughts
3.1 Be conscious of anything that is going on.
3.2 Not know or not remember things.
3.3 Think any thought and say it.
3.4 Have conflicting thoughts.
3.5 Change my mind on things.

4. Relationships
4.1 Choose relationships I invest in.
4.2 Escalate relationships.
4.3 Choose my own level of involvement in other people's things.
4.4 Not be interrupted.

5. Amendments
5.1 Amend this Bill of Rights in the future.

What is your Bill of Rights?

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  1. Your "bill of rights" reminds me this song: :)